The Lake Huron Coast

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Lake Huron
is the third largest fresh water lake in the world
a surface area of over 14 million acres (23,010 square miles).
The Lake Huron Coast has
a shoreline that is 3,827 miles long.

    Lake Huron is
the second-largest of the five Great Lakes in North America
and has a volume of 850 cubic miles. About two-thirds of Lake Huron's 51,700-square mile watershed is covered with forests and contains more
than 30,000 islands.

    The largest freshwater island in the world is Manitoulin IslandIt is off the northern coast of Lake Huron in Canadian waters.

    Lake Huron is 206 miles long and 183 miles wide.  Lake Huron's average
depth is 195 feet and it's maximum depth is 802 feet. More than half of the fish species present in Lake Huron depend on coastal wetlands at some point in their life cycles and many other species of animals rely on the wetlands for feeding
and rearing their young.

    Lake Huron's surface is 577 feet above sea level, which is the same as Lake Michigan. They are connected through the Straits of Mackinac at the top of Michigan's lower peninsula. Lake Huron is 20 feet lower than Lake Superior
which is fed by the connecting St. Marys River. Lake Erie is 9 feet lower than Lake Huron which feeds it through the St. Clair River (through Lake St. Clair).

Lake Huron map from 1749

    Lake Huron's name is derived from early French explorers who named it
"Lac des Hurons" (Lake of the Huron Indians) on many early maps, based on the Huron people that lived there.



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